Matt Mason: The lead character; he's the computer whizz kid from the small town and in the show his brother, Mickey, wins tickets for them both to go to Dot Com City.
Lucy: Matt Mason's girlfriend, she and Matt live a great life in Firstone until Matt leaves to go to Dot Com City - They are truly in love!
Umbrella man: A friend of Magique from the Golden City who always appears in time to keep the fellas out of the rain. But is there more to the bouncy character who sells umbrellas than meets the eye?
Magique/Fortune Teller/Ruby: Victoria Dot Com's sister who wants Matt to come to the Golden City but why does she want to do that? She doesn't play fair in her methods to get him there and when he's there she uses him, but is it for the greater good? Victoria Dot Com seems to have a grudge against her, why would that be I wonder?
Mickey Mason: Matt Mason's Brother, he seems to want all the glory for himself to start with, and then he deserts Matt. But will they be re-united? Will Mickey see sense?
Victoria Dot Com: Victoria Dot Com is the evil tyrant who is possessed with domain names worldwide and rules Dot Com City. She'll stop at nothing to get what she wants. Will anyone be able to stop her?
Johnny Dollar: Everything he touches turns to dollars, but will the man with the Midas Touch make your dreams unfold?
Pearl: She's a catch as you can see. She works in the Midas Touch but be careful, she may use her charm to win you over to her frame of mind.
Simon Software: The spider on the web and Victoria's Head of HR! But how much does he know? And who does he really support? The guy in the shiny silver suit will soon show his true colours.

Megabite: A crafty character as anyone knows, Megabite is one of Victoria Dot Com's evil sidekicks!
Gigabite: Gigabite is one of Victoria Dot Com's henchmen - beware!
Reporter: Always quick and eager to report the latest story to let all know about what's going on but always quick to leave.
Tony Pizza: Tony is the man with the Pizza! He loves to party and have fun!
Dad: He has had a hard time when he moved to the city and found himself a girl, and then realised the grass wasn't always greener on the other side when she left him. Will this cloud his judgment when his two sons leave to go to the city, leaving him to run his lumber yard on his own? Here in this video we see the comical side of him.

Video of the musical number "When I Was Your Age"