Performance Licence ~ Dot Com City

We proudly present to you a package that will be suitable for any amateur drama group, school or college wishing to perform a show that is exciting and relevant to today's society.

This show is a sparkling refreshing modern tale suitable for all ages - A musical fantasy with a variety of styles, including pantomime!

There are 24 named characters of which approximately half could be played by mature persons. This mix would allow the piece to be performed by a mixed age group.

The mix of musical style is interesting and a bonus of the piece is that keyboards, percussion and pre-recorded music could keep the costs of orchestration minimal.

If you want something a little different to captivate and inspire your audience, then this show is definitely for you. The audience will leave the theatre humming the tunes!

12 M, 16 F - Many roles can be doubled if required - 7 to 8 main sets/scenes.

Package includes:


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