Reviews and Audience Comments

"I thought it was fantastic. Well done..Everyone did such a great job. Thank you so much.." ~ Mrs. Chester (Audience member, Windsor Canada)
"The storyline was innovative -- and quite relevant for the times. The music was definitely the heartbeat of the show, and was very catchy. I hope that you are able to bring this abroad to many places so that it can gather traction.." ~ Melissa Felt (Audience member, Windsor Canada)
"I also am heavily involved at my daughter's high school, I think the students and staff would love it!" ~ Yvette Gerace (Audience member, Detroit Michigan USA)
"I loved Victoria! The singing voices were spectacular!" ~ Donna Peters (Audience member, London UK)
"I can see that this show has huge potential and will be a massive success. I especially liked the "Golden City" song." ~ Michael Barnes (Audience member, London UK)