Dot Com City The Musical

Book by Malcolm F. Simpson
Music and Lyrics by Malcolm F. Simpson and George F. Hall

Act One

1. Fairground

The Fair's in Town
Girl Next Door
Rainy Day Song

2.Outside Fairground


3. Fairground Twilight

Somewhere Out There
Letting Go

4. Timber yard

The Whiz of the Yard
Mickey's Rap
Golden City
Maybe She Will Understand
Stay at Home & Be Wise

5. Fairground/Park

So You Say It’s Over

6. Downtown

We Came to the City
Lonesome Nobody
Been Through It All Before
Megabite and Gigabite

7. The Station


8. The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch
Spend Some Time with Me
King of Clubs
Dot Com City
What Are You Really Like?

Act Two

1. Matt’s Office / day

We’re All Big Business Men
I Wanna Download Your Love
Who’s for Pizza?
Dot Com City (Reprise)

2. Matt’s Office / night

Turned the Tables

3. Outside Gems International

The Boom Days Are Over

4. Ruby’s Apartment

Money in a Suitcase

5. Outside the Court

Goodbye City
Somewhere Out There (Mickey)

6. Later Outside the Court


7. The Court

Judgement Day
Girl Next Door (Reprise)

8. Court/ Fairground

The finale

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