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Back story

Many years ago there were two little girls and one day they played a money game rather like monopoly and from that day on the little girl Victoria wanted money. One day when she was fifteen she won millions on a lottery ticket but what did she do with the money?

She was possessed with domain names worldwide and renamed herself Victoria Dot Com. All she was concerned about was building her empire but there was one problem: she had not grown up. Everything was still a game to her and she enjoyed ruining people and treating them as toys. She had pleasure in hurting people and crashing their dreams. She closed her mother's hospital and put her out on the street with her little sister Maggie in order to build her city the way she wanted it. Dot Com City.

While she was out on the street her sister Maggie met a magician/umbrella man who had moved from the small town of Firstone. He was going back there in the summer to travel with the fair and had heard about a computer genius Matt Mason who he believed could help save the day if only Matt was given the opportunity to meet and work for Victoria Dot Com.

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Maggie and her mother Mystique put together a plan. They met in secret with the street people and Simon Software who suggested he get his friend Johnny Dollar involved and they travelled with them to the small town of Firstone. And so the Fair arrived in Town!

Show story

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Nothing is quite what it seems in the City of Dreams as Matt Mason, the computer genius, finds out. This show is a sparkling refreshing modern tale suitable for all ages.

Maria Schwartz has something to report for Dot Com City News and the plan is in motion! The fair has arrived at the town of Firstone, but wait - who's this and why is she persuading Matt to leave the town and his girlfriend Lucy?